The great majority of forex traders have under 3 years of trading experience.
  1. Forex traders are perhaps younger than you’d expect – 27% of forex traders fall into the 18-34 age group.
  2. The 35-44 age group represents 28% of traders, while the 45-54 age group accounts for 21% of traders. Only 24% of traders are older than 55, and only 9% are older than 65.
    Most forex traders are men in their 30s and 40s.
  3. Men account for 89.1% of forex traders – meaning that only 10.9% of traders are women.
  4. Only about 15% of forex traders make a profit.
  5. 66% of traders make use of daily charts.
  6. 41% of traders average between 9 and 20 trades each month.
  7. 45% of traders spend 1-2 hours each day trading, while only 14% spend more than 6 hours per day.
  8. 31% of traders have been trading for less than a year, and 39% have been trading for 1-3 years. Traders which have been trading for 4-9 years account for 23%, while those that have been trading forex for over a decade account for only 7% of all traders.
  9. The most popular trading platform is still the classic MT4, which is used by 85% of traders. The second most popular platform is the MT5, which is used by only 6% of traders.
  10. 70% of trades use a live account, while the other 30% are using demo accounts.
  11. 72% of forex traders have no prior experience in trading in other markets.
  12. There are approximately 10 million forex traders in the world today.
  13. Of those 10 million, 3.2 million are in Asia, and 1.5 million each in Europe and North America.
  14. There 1.3 million traders in Africa, almost a million in the Middle East, and 600,000 in South America. Central America has around 335,000 traders, while Oceania has 190,000.
  15. As for specific countries, the UK, as a hub of forex trading, is the leader in this regard, having more than 280,000 online traders.